Photo by Eli Beckman

  • Laurel Druke

New Executive Board 2016

MCYD would like to give out a special thank you to all who served on the Executive Board this past year! Each and everyone you did a wonderful job and have left a strong leadership pipeline for the future board and members! We would also like to welcome the new E-Board for 2016! We know that you will all do great work next year! Continue to strengthen that pipeline!

Welcoming the new E-Board! (top picture)

President: Jesse Taylor-Vermont

Vice President: Scout Polizzotti

Recording Secretary: Laurel Druke

Corresponding Secretary: Leela Najafi

Treasurer: Donald Marsh III

Political Director: Luke Heslip

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Photo by Eli Beckman

Our mission is to amplify young Democratic voices, mobilize awareness through sustainable action, and build a genuine leadership pipeline in the region. We work on projects, such as voter registration and education, affordable housing, and homeless rehabilitation. 

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