• Laurel Druke

Marin County Democratic Party Mardi Gras Dinner

Last Saturday, a number of MCYD members attended the Marin County Democratic party’s annual Mardi Gras dinner where NorCal Rep. Jared Huffman and NextGen Climate founder Tom Steyer addressed an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 100-150 Democrats on the future of the party and the importance of the upcoming election.

Dining on shrimp and potatoes, local party members, ranging from seasoned elders to precocious middle school students congregated in the spacious Marinwood Community Center for a night of festive solidarity. In addition to Steyer and Huffman, several other local notables made appearances, including State Assemblyman Marc Levine and the county party chairmen Paul Cohen.

The importance of voting and party unity were common themes. The speakers stressed that voter turnout is crucial to Democrats, and that when we vote in mass, we win. There were also stark contrasts drawn between the bickering and insult drivin Republican presidential primary and the Democratic primary of a more cordial debate of ideals .

The dinner was a promising early event on the county party’s election year calendar. The whole congregation seemed engaged and optimistic, not only about the ongoing presidential contest, but also for the extraordinarily important local races and issues. A vibrant youngster, no older than 11, even asked Mr. Steyer how she could be more involved.

Thank you DCCM for hosting the event!

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Photo by Eli Beckman