• Laurel Druke

MCYD Can Change Your Life

I've been a member and on the Board of Marin County Young Democrats for over 10 years now and I have learned a lot about our local Marin County political environment, met local elected officials and statewide officials, had the opportunity to influence elections by leading the Endorsements Committee and volunteering on numerous campaigns inside and outside of the club. I've attended almost every State Democratic Convention and participated or represented our club at numerous CYD events.

2013 CYD Tahoe Retreat, Lake Tahoe

I feel so incredibly privileged to be a part of this incredibly diverse, dynamic and fun group of young Democrats. It is very special to be a part of a group of people who truly care about each individuals' passion and tries to advance each of our abilities to make a difference in the area of our passion. This group has truly changed my perspective on our world and how a group of young people can truly make an impact. The Marin County Young Democrats may be small but we are a mighty group that cares about how people are treated in our county, state, country and world. I hope this brief summary gives you a small glimpse into how this group can change your life. If you haven't reached out to someone on our team yet, I encourage you to.

2019 MCYD Strategic Planning Retreat, Tiburon

I have met so many incredible people, elected officials, and best friends from this group. We welcome you. Meet us and share your passions with us!

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