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Marin County Board of Supervisors

County of Marin – Board of Supervisors


Under California’s Constitution and laws, the five members of the Board of Supervisors serve as the legislative and executive body of Marin County. The members are elected by district and they are required to live in the district they represent. Supervisor’s terms are four years, and either two or three supervisors are elected every two years.


The supervisors also serve as the governing board for the Open Space District, County Free Library, Flood Control District, Lighting District, county service areas and sewer maintenance districts. Within limits prescribed by the state’s Constitution and laws, the board enacts ordinances, determines policies, adopts annual budgets, fixes salaries, is responsible for ensuring that mandated functions are properly discharged, and supervises the activities of County departments. Read more about the board.





District 1: Damon Connolly

District 2: Katie Rice

District 3: Kate Sears

District 4: Steve Kinsey

District 5: Judy Arnold





Link to Marin County Website


Photo by Eli Beckman

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