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We are Young Democrats dedicated to the values of the Democratic Party

Founded in 2008, Marin County Young Democrats (MCYD) empowers young working people to make a difference in their community. We connect members with resources, endorse and elect candidates. Membership is open to Democrats ages 14-35, and honorary associate memberships are available to all registered Democrats.

Our mission is to amplify young Democratic voices, mobilize awareness through sustainable action, and build a genuine leadership pipeline in the region. We work on projects, such as voter registration and education, affordable housing, and homeless rehabilitation. 

MCYD can endorse state ballot measures; legislation; local issues; and candidates, who are registered Democrats, in local, state, national, and special primary or runoff elections and in nonpartisan elections.


We are a chartered under the California Young Democrats. The California Young Democrats are dedicated electing Democrats for generations. Through different methods, Young Democrats have made significant improvements in the diverse communities of California. CA Young Democrats continuously promote social justice, women’s rights, peace and stability in the world, and many other progressive values.

Photo by Eli Beckman

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