(From Left to Right) 

Michael Yachimitas - President 

Contractor Insurance Lawyer by day - Ninja Turtle by night 


Luke Heslip - Political Director 

Political Science Student at SRJC by day - Political junkie by night


Laurel Druke - Chief Administrator  

Special Projects and Data Manager at Beyond Differences by day - scrapbooker by night



Jesse Taylor- Vermont - Director of the Treasury

Employment Specialist for Downtown Streets Team by day - film extraordinaire by night 



Zoe Neil - Director of Membership

Case Manager for Downtown Streets Team by day - cat lover by night 

Vice President - Vacant 

Photo by Eli Beckman

Our mission is to amplify young Democratic voices, mobilize awareness through sustainable action, and build a genuine leadership pipeline in the region. We work on projects, such as voter registration and education, affordable housing, and homeless rehabilitation. 

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